Work Exchange Program

If you're an international traveler planning an extended stay in New York consider joining our Work Exchange program. Work Exchange at
Pink Hostels
is a great opportunity to work and live in a friendly atmosphere where you can meet people from around the world. In exchange for 32 hours a week of work in a variety of tasks - ranging from front desk duty, to housekeeping - you'll receive free accommodation in our hostels for as long as you're with us.

Pink Hostels prefers to accept participants who are students of the hospitality industry or long-term travelers who are equally interested in exploring new cities as well as contributing to the Pink Hostels

vibe by supporting our staff. We expect you to take your work seriously when you're here! Also, to participate in the Work Exchange program, a
3 months commitment is required.

Please note that you must be a Non-New York resident to participate in the Work Exchange program in any of our New York locations.

The Nuts and Bolts
Travelers who are accepted into Work Exchange take on general staff duties that contribute to the efficient day-to-day operations and the overall vibe of the hostel.

Work: Each week participants work 32 scheduled hours in the areas of Front Desk, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Marketing/Events. Placements in these areas of work are determined based on availability, order of priority for the hostel, and on qualifications and interests of applicants.

Play: In addition, because Work Exchange participants spend so much time on-site, they are often recruited to organize and participate in hostel outings (club outings, karaoke nights, etc.) and in-house parties (bbqs, movie nights, etc.). These off-hour activities are the best time to meet other travelers, explore local neighborhoods, or tour the city.

In exchange for these work and play hours, Work Exchange participants receive free accommodations at Pink Hostels.

Who Should Apply
Pink Hostels fills the Work Exchange program with energetic and motivated people. Diversity is encouraged. Students of hospitality, participants in work abroad programs, and people with interests in international travel, hostel management, and marketing are encouraged to apply.

Length of Stay
A minimum stay of 3 month is required. There is a maximum stay of 6 months unless special permission is granted. Generally, permission is granted to participants from university or work abroad programs who are in the US with Work Visas. Stellar participants can re-enroll for a second or third rotation. Pink offers female travelers a safe and comfortable place to stay. Since opening in May 2009 women from all over the world have passed through our signature pink doors and found a place where they are free to be themselves.

To Apply
Please send us your resume!. You will be contacted if there is placement available. Please be aware that this is not an application for permanent employment and that you will not be permanently residing at any Pink Hostels location.

Thank you!

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